I am a 28 year old UK based entrepreneur.

I graduated from Nottingham and UWE with a BA & MSc in sustainability, I then started studying the ACA qualification to become a chartered accountant.

After a year as an accountant I created a sportswear business 'OFS' on the side after spotting a gap in the market and then working in the evenings to fulfil orders to clubs around the country.

By continuing to grow the company, the side hustle became the main hustle and I left my job to focus on running my own business.


Due to issues surrounding supply chain and the nature of custom sportswear, I took out a £10,000 loan in order to purchase all of the equipment needed to fully set up a small studio.


Over 4 years OFS has sold over 10,000 units to countries all around the world – the highest volume going to the USA, Australia and Germany.


The business was heavily impacted by Covid 19 in 2020 and as a result of team sports market effectively shutting down for a year, I started another brand Merumask in order to supplement income and keep the lights on.


The company was a great success and sold over £50,000 worth of masks within 6 months through B2C PPC channels and B2B solely through the use of linkedin content creation.


During the downtime of Covid 19 I also created and constructed a concept Work from home specific ‘Airbnb -style’ property search engine Infinitydesk, which was handed on to students at the University of Leeds for further development. I remain an advisor.


Through each of these experiences I have been the sole driver and operator, learning and implementing skills from product creation and brand development to sales and marketing, both inbound and outbound.



Founders associate

A Founders Associate is an experienced generalist designed to be thrown into different tasks and problems across all aspects the company in order to achieve a variety of outcomes. The tasks include but are not limited to; identifying new business opportunities, solving problems, reporting on existing business functions and networking. A founders associate reports directly to the founder or founding team to allow freedom across the organisation.

With a differentiated skillset and a track record of entrepreneurial success, I bring the role of an experience and skilled operator to an organisation reporting to the management team. With a track record of entrepreneurial success I am able to deliver projects big or small. I constantly see problems and I am able to ideate solutions and act on them independently.

Freelance Co-founder

A freelance Co-founder is an entrepreneur that helps you to build your business at an executive level as a hands on mentor. The agree delivers an experienced entrepreneur without the need for an equity split or a complicated long-term agreement, which is one of the key reasons that start-ups have issues.

With an hands on experience building companies and a wide range of skills I work with the founder/s to help build or scale the company, either from concept to implementation or once the business has grown and needs help to the next step.


In a one off capacity I use my skills that I have gained over my years in startups I am able to advise on certain areas of expertise as well as give answers where they are needed.


Product/ Service Development

Whether you are creating a new product for existing market, developing an existing product in an existing market or disrupting an existing market with a new product. A product strategy is key in identifying your market and maximising the success of your business.


From strategy through to implementation I help you plan out what you want to achieve with your product. From identifying key customers for feedback to fully developing a product roadmap for creation I can support you to maximize the potential of your product/ service.  


Brand development


Brand is more than a logo and a tagline. Taking some of the most well known brands in the world as case studies. It is no accident that the same language, colours and imagery styles are repeated over and over again in their marketing materials. The reason for this is to create authority and familiarity in order to build a trusting relationship with consumers.


In order to create more than just a product or service you need to create a brand. Through discussion, research and stakeholder engagement we bring together the current perception of the company in order to create a formalised identity for your company going forward. We then implement this across all key mediums that relate to your customer profiles.


Sales/ Marketing

Sales are the lifeblood of a company. In order to maximise sales, you need to get your product/ service in front of the right customers and communicate branded messaging to progress them to sale.


With a great product/ service and a strong brand, we work out who your ideal customers are, and we get it in front of them. Whether the business is new or a going concern, we review the market to find out what works and we build a sales and marketing strategy focused around lead gen and lead development. We then implement this across the most effective mediums.

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